Patient Impact Stories

The doctors, nurses and volunteers provide the highest quality primary healthcare available to the uninsured residents of Garland. Hope Clinic’s prayer is to have a positive impact on every patient. Click on a patient below to read the story.

DeniseBeth is 36 years American who emigrated from Mexico as an adult.  She has three adorable daughters all under the age of eight.  Her husband earns $1,700 a month support their family of five and his mother.  The children are covered by CHIP.   She has no medical coverage.  She states that Hope Clinic has been a “godsend” to her.

Before becoming a patient at Hope Clinic, she did not have a primary care physician to manage and treat her diabetes and hypertension.  Since that time, she has access to medications, diabetic test strips, meter, and health education specifically designed to meet her needs.

Last year, Beth has received medications from us that retail for $24,309.  Her medications alone would cost her $2,000 each month, more than her family income.   Through RX Assist Plus, a web-based prescription assistance program, Hope Clinic has opened access to these prescriptions at no cost to Beth.  She has three additional medications made affordable through Walmart’s $4.00 formulary program.

Beth is only one of thousands with multiple chronic diseases who is uninsured.  If her disease were left untreated, it would take a toll on nearly every organ in her body, including the heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys.  On-going treatment with a primary care home keeps Beth healthy for her family.