Hope Clinic of Garland is committed to helping those among us who are without access to medical care. Who are they — the young woman working but not making enough to afford healthcare; the grandparent taking care of grandchildren on low social security and aid; the factory worker going to the job ill every day with the fear of losing days out sick; or the mother with chronic health issues, unable to speak English, and feeling lost in her ability to go about daily activities within her community.

For almost two decades, Hope Clinic has been on the front line for those without access to free healthcare. We are the only free clinic in the Garland area dedicated to helping Garland residents.

The Holidays are so meaningful in our hearts, especially for our loved ones. Our Hope Clinic patients also feel the very same way about enjoying this festive time of the year with their families. Yet, for our patients, maintaining good health becomes another burden in addition to keeping their homes stable through Thanksgiving, Christmas and early into the New Year.

Hope Clinic, of course, will continue to care for our patients, and we want to help them have a truly memorable holiday filled with joy. Please help with a Gift of Real Hope for the Holidays to ease their basic needs. Help Hope Clinic provide families with food for that special dinner, toys for our patients’ children, and medical supplies for their illnesses.

This Christmas, you can bring hope alive for our patients. Be the first to give a patient your gift.


How you can make an IMPACT.

"One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed."

-Proverbs 19:17

Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc.

Our Mission

We exist to share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with our community to provide primary health care and resources for healthy living to the underserved population.

Our Vision

Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc. is a model medical home, providing equitable health care and Christ-centered support for the underserved community.

Our Core Values

Spirituality. Love. Integrity. Quality. Empathy. Influence.

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Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc.

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