Hope Clinic Staff

Delivering Hope and Health

For Emergencies: Call 911

Or for an Appointment: Call 469-800-2500


Alice Mae Britt – Executive Director                        Dr. Jennifer Kampas – Medical Director

Marcela Cortes – Associate Clinic Director            Shelley McConnico – Office Manager

Virginia Cox – Clinic Data Coordinator                   Jennifer Shelton – Accounting Manager

Maria Estrada – Housekeeping


Clinical Staff

Veronica Garcia – Health Information Coordinator / North Texas Navigator

Angelina Rico – Medical Assistant

Julissa Villarreal – Patient Intake Coordinator

Norma Abad – Patient Care Coordinator

Eva Marie Murillo – Behavioral Health Specialist

Conception Gaytan – Medical Assistant

Jacqueline Garza Cavazos – Medical Assistant

Cyndi Gonzales – Patient Care Coordinator

Claudia Hurtado – Referral Coordinator


Dr. Alexandra Elko                  Dr. Andrea McKnight                 Dr. April Day                                       Dr. Chris Clark

Dr. Becky Chandler                 Dr. Bill Shumate                         Dr. Chene Smith                                Dr. Jissy Philip

Dr. Christina Vera                    Dr. Jane Sadler                            Dr. Jason Fisch                                   Dr. Minh Tu Adle

Dr. John Wiprud                      Dr. Kimberly McMillin                Dr. Lathmany Dorfman                   Dr. Mark Mlcak

Dr. Nicole Conselman            Dr. Robert Andersen                  Dr. Soma Johari                                  Dr. Jeffrey Adcock 

Dr. Donna Bailey                     Dr. Lynne Orozco                         Dr. Atul Singhal

Nurse Practitioner

Allen Hefner, Advanced Practice Provider

Registered Nurses

Malini Krishnan                        Michelle Pearce

How you can make an IMPACT.

"One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed."

-Proverbs 19:17

Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc.

Our Mission

We exist to share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with our community to provide primary health care and resources for healthy living to the underserved population.

Our Vision

Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc. is a model medical home, providing equitable health care and Christ-centered support for the underserved community.

Our Core Values

Spirituality. Love. Integrity. Quality. Empathy. Influence.

Same Day Appointments are Available.



Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc.

800 South Sixth Street, Suite 100
Garland, Texas 75040