Our Medical Services

Physicians, nurses, and volunteer health care professionals of Hope Clinic give unselfishly of their time to provide a high level of quality services to the poor and uninsured residents of Garland. Our desire is to partner with patients in their healthcare journey towards wellness. Patient education is a key priority in healthcare management. We address all aspects of well-being: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and intellectual.

For Emergencies: Call 911

Or for an Appointment: Call 469-800-2500

Primary Services

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Spiritual Care

We will walk with you on your journey to spiritual fulfillment as we help you care for your health.

Primary Care

We provide diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, free-of-charge. 

Diabetes Education

Get help on how to take care of yourself – food choices, exercise, monitoring blood sugar, and medication.

Nutrition Education

Let’s talk about what works for you: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

Community Resources

Let’s get down to Basics – food/SNAP, cash/TANF, healthcare for your children/CHIP, or Medicaid for you. We are ready onsite.

Prescription Assistance (Patients Only)

Your medication to maintain good health is important. We’ll help you get free or low-cost brand name medications.

Specialist Referrals

When our physicians need a specialist to help with your healthcare, we can find the right one.

Urgent Care

Every Thursday night, the clinic is open to treat an illness or injury that does not appear life threatening, but can’t wait till Friday.


Effective management and treatment of your hypertension requires working together with our medical care team.

Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc.

Our Mission

We exist to share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with our community to provide primary health care and resources for healthy living to the underserved population.

Our Vision

Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc. is a model medical home, providing equitable health care and Christ-centered support for the underserved community.

Our Core Values

Spirituality. Love. Integrity. Quality. Empathy. Influence.

Same Day Appointments are Available.



Hope Clinic of Garland, Inc.

800 South Sixth Street, Suite 100
Garland, Texas 75040